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J O S E P    S U L L E R


Welcome! This is Josep Suller's oficial website as a guitar player.


If you are a student or a teacher trying to visit Josep Suller's Web as an English teacher, you should click on this link:

If you are a teacher of English you could be interested in Josep's project to LEARN ENGLISH BY HAVING FUN with music. Visit the SING ALONG PROJECT WEBSITE .

August 2013
Josep releases his new instrumental album "Rebirth of a Lost World". 
More information on how to purchase it in the section MUSIC on this website.


September 2013

Josep has the privilege of being endorsed by Yamaha guitars and become a Yamaha artist in Spain.


October 2013
Josep has the privilege of being endorsed by Rotosound strings and the pro audio brand Prodipe.


January 2014.

Josep is the first guitar player from Spain to become guitar instructor at the famous web of guitar teaching live4guitar


May 2014

Josep has the privilege of being endorsed by Spectraflex cables 


F E A T U R E D   R E V I E W S

blazing fretwork delivered via a host of 21st century techniques (sweeping, advanced legato, tapping, whammy bar tricks, harmonic squeals, etc. Suller's got all the technique a guitarist could want, and with most guitarists this advanced, his only challenge is to carve out his own unique space in the instrumental rock world.

Guitar Nine -the Undiscovered-


“One of the bands who are most present on the stages of Tarragona is "Chicanos". Within the band, the  guitar player Josep Suller stands out - due to his great technique and style".

Metal Symphony


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